Welcome to our Online Offering of this very special program. This multi-part presentation provides insight and inspiration to connect to the very essence of your femininity with clarity through the lens of Ayurveda: how to maximize energy, balance hormones, overall health and enhance longevity through a simple yet comprehensive understanding of the larger parts of the female reproductive cycles.

Program Includes:

  • Understanding cycles and energy channels in women’s bodies
  • The interplay of elements in women’s constitution and life stages
  • Exploring women’s unique seasonal shifts throughout life and monthly cycles
  • Grasping the concepts of doshas, dhatus, agni, mala, and the importance of a healthy mind and peaceful soul
  • Exploring the significance of menstruation, its role in cleansing, and the need to honor these cycles
  • Discussing the different stages of a woman’s life - childhood, fertility, and menopause - and their distinct qualities and care practices
  • Smaller cycles within a woman’s monthly cycle, the resulting energy fluctuations, and their impacts
  • The need for balancing the opposites in nature and understanding the qualities of each life stage
  • Guidance for the significant transition of initiation into womanhood (puberty), including diet, activities, and lifestyle practices
  • Insight into Artava, the release of female reproductive fluids, its correlation with the fire element, and its crucial role in fetus production
  • Recognizing variations in menstruation as indicators of dosha imbalances and ways to address them for overall well-being
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Introduction to cleansing and rejuventation therapies tailored to women through all phases of life.

If you have suffered from

  • painful menstruation cycles
  • mood swings
  • fertility challenges
  • reproductive discomfort

Or have loved ones or clients that would benefit from this information.

This program is for you!

As the course continues we move beyond personal care to the clinical understanding from both a western and eastern perspective of specific imbalances and what can be done through diet and lifestyle to create greater health.

Classes will be sent weekly to your email with lesson plans, bonus videos, handouts and support along the way.

Let's find balance in your mentrual cycle, fertility, menopause and comfortable feminity designed just for you!