Join Maha Vidya for our online in-depth Ayurvedic Educational Series available to you ala'carte. Whether you are new to Ayurveda or looking for additional perspectives and review as you continue your path of study, inquiry and practice we have mapped out some of the most important areas in clinical practice for review.

Study of the 6 Tastes (Dravya Viyana):

  • Understanding taste in the context of Ayurvedic practice
  • Emphasizing how food can be used as medicine
  • Rasa or taste in food is discussed, explaining how each taste impacts different Doshas
  • Explanation of Virya, the property action of food, considering the cooling or heating effects food has on the body
  • Why you should begin with other sense therapies before addressing food with clients
  • Examples of foods corresponding to different tastes or Rasa

Offering clarity, slides and personal reflections from clinical practice this will provide everything you need to review this important area of study.

For further review contact us for a private tutoring session or inquire about our Professional Mentorship Programs.