Maha Vidya Monthly Membership

Your health is a reflection of balance in your lifestyle, from Earth to Ether. With proper nourishment, and daily self-care practices, you will ignite the extraordinary.

You CAN grow. You ARE whole. You are HERE to awaken. You DO have enough time. You WILL remember your TRUE nature.

We are here to guide you with ancient wisdom to help you get what you want…

  • Better health and wellbeing
  • Embodying the best expression of Yourself
  • Improved Work/Life balance
  • Effective stress management
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Personalized guidance
  • More LOVE, more LIGHT, more YES! to LIFE

Your customized monthly program will…

  • Provide personalized guidance to empower you
  • Greet you with a community
  • Inspire you through weekly group interactions and shared experiences
  • Deepen your learning
  • Answer your pressing questions
  • Tailor dietary plans and recipes just for you
  • Encourage you to nurture yourself body with wholesome, Ayurvedic-inspired meals.
  • Optimize your health
  • Personalize a movement plan which is adaptable and engaging and designed in alignment with your unique physical capabilities and wellness goals.
  • Ground you in meditation practices
  • Cultivate inner peace and mental clarity
  • Reduce stress, improve concentration, and enhance overall wellbeing
  • Balance your energy through time-honored and science supported breathing practices
  • Increase fitness capacity
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Increase calm confidence
  • Help you sleep better, rise refreshed
  • Live more fully
  • Guide you through Ayurvedic daily rituals tailored for modern living.
  • Infuse harmony and balance in your everyday life with time-honored ancient practices relevant to modern life.
  • Support the alignment of your lifestyle with natural rhythms and cycles.

Your customized monthly program will…

  1. Empower you with Personalized Guidance and strategies tailored to your unique wellness goals.
  2. Connect you with a Supportive Community, which inspires you through weekly interactions and shared experiences.
  3. Deepen your Learning and understanding of Ayurvedic and Yogic practices through Dedicated Q&A.
  4. Customize Recipes and Dietary Plans to nourish your body with Ayurvedic-inspired meals.
  5. Personalize Engaging Physical Routines in harmony with your capabilities and goals.
  6. Ground Yourself in practices that cultivate inner peace, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity.
  7. Harness The Power of ancient breathing techniques to balance energy and enhance fitness.
  8. Optimize Sleep through proven routines that promote rejuvenating rest and refreshed rising.
  9. Guide you through Daily Ayurvedic Rituals, infusing balance and harmony into modern life.
  10. Align your Lifestyle with natural rhythms for a healthier, fuller LIFE.

Experience the Transformation with our 1:1 Program

  • Monthly Private Coaching with Maha Vidya (2 sessions)
  • Actionable Handouts & Checklists
  • Customized Dietary Plans
  • Personalized Movement Programs
  • Grounding Meditation Techniques
  • Guided Breathing Exercises
  • Comprehensive Sleep Support

Stay Healthy Friends!

We have over 40 years of collective experience in health and wellness.

Meet Carlisle Amlak, Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist

Carlisle Amlak is a Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist, Certified Herbalist, Sai Shakti healer and Yoga teacher. She has studied these ancient practices for over 20 years.

Receiving training from the University of Natural Medicine, the California College of Ayurveda, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Arya Academy and the East West School of Herbology. She has completed teachers trainings with the Himalayan Institute, Universal Yoga and Pranakriya Yoga.

Well versed in the Vedic tradition and dedicated to upholding the true teachings of the yogic philosophy and application in the modern world. Her on-going inspiration comes from consistent practice and dedication to the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar whose blessings have continued to open her heart and soul to the truth of the Divine teachings offered to us daily in our experience in Creation.

Meet Zaplin Vermie, Asana Pranayama, Meditation and Ayurvedic Specialist

Zaplin Vermie BA, E-RYT 500+ has maintained a lifelong passion for Nature and the healing arts having dedicated over two decades to the profound study of Yoga, Ayurveda, and related disciplines. His diverse educational journey spans continents, encountering numerous teachings and cultures that have fine-tuned his compassionate discernment.

Trained in traditional Yoga and Ayurveda, he masterfully blends his respect for ancestral wisdom with a dynamic interest in anatomy, botany, nutrition, and music.

He promotes engaging knowledge-sharing sessions and enriching opportunities to explore different perspectives and learning from the global community. To cherish the wild, learn from nature, and study local ecology, wherever you may be.

With our program, you'll feel a palpable passion for lifelong learning and continuous personal growth.

Quench your curiosity, deepen your understanding, and embrace a transformative journey to health and harmony.

Your journey begins here.


Wow, what an amazing experience and people to work with! Carlsile and Zaplin are not only kind, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable but they operate with the most integrity. I have done several different Pancha karmas, workshops, intensives/trainings with them and have always left feeling vibrant, calm and more confident in how to take care of myself and family. Highly recommended 💛 -RK

I have worked with Maha Vidya for 8 years at time of writing both as a client (pancha karma and other therapies) and later a student (Ayurveda student, yoga student, meditation student, and even learned Ayurvedic massage). I strongly recommend anyone in either category (seeking services, or seeking to learn) go to them. I have never felt like I was in better hands than with them!

I truly cannot speak highly enough of them. In all those years, I have always had the best experiences both as a client and in trainings. The amount of attention to detail, care, and love that they have put into each of my experiences with them has been second to none.

I have also traveled both with them and to them on multiple occasions and again I've always had great experiences. That is a high bar to set. -AC

You'll never find more dedicated and skilled yoga and Ayurveda teachers! Carlisle and Zaplin have devoted their lives to supporting their clients with transformational programs and education that nourish the mind, body, and soul. They lead with their hearts and are a true gem of ancient wisdom for this modern technological world. I am eternally grateful that I've had the opportunity to study both yoga and ayurveda with Maha Vidya - EK